The West Michigan Avenue Icon on a winter night.

The West Michigan Avenue Icon on a winter night.

Yesterday, WMU completed the first step of converting student schedules to the five COVID-19 class delivery methods, according to an email sent to the WMU community from the Office of Provost. These methods were entered in the student record system and are now viewable for students.

The class delivery methods include:

  • In-person – Traditional classroom work that meets at certain times and locations.

  • Hybrid – A combination of classroom and online work and meeting times.

  • Asynchronous Online – Online classes that do not require you to meet at scheduled times.

  • Fully Synchronous Online – Online classes that meet at scheduled times like an in-person class.

  • Partially Synchronous Online – Online classes that have some synchronous and some asynchronous instruction.

According to the email, 57% of WMU’s courses are in-person or hybrid. 43% are in one of the three fully online modes.

However, before students are able to view their fully updated schedules, there are three steps that remain in the process.

In the next step, hybrid dates and course capacities to schedule classrooms will be entered. Once this information is entered, WMU will assess whether any location adjustments are needed to accommodate all sections in the classrooms, which are operating at 37% of their original capacity.

Next, they will assess whether any adjustments are needed in the mix of delivery methods across sections and students. This will require collaboration between the registrar's office and academic departments, according to the email.

“Our goal is to create schedules that meet students’ needs with the understanding that we are constrained by social distancing and room capacities,” the email reads.

Schedules are planned to be finalized and ready for students by July 23. Students can find changes to a class' delivery method from day to day. 

Students will be notified when schedules have been finalized. More information about each delivery method will be shared at that time.

The email also mentioned that later this week WMU will distribute its safe return-to-campus plan.

“We appreciate your patience with this process,” the email reads. “Student record systems were not designed with a pandemic and social distancing in mind. We have approximately 5,500 classes that must be assessed and adapted, and our team is doing all it can to create the best possible experience that maintains learning while protecting student health and safety.”

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