DJess Wright Campaign Flyer

Jacobi Wright and Djessy Mutombo are running for president and vice president of the Western Student Association. Election week ends Friday, March 26.

The Western Student Association presidential election has officially kicked off. Western Michigan University students are now casting their votes for the new president and vice president of WSA. 

Presidential candidate Jacobi Wright and his running mate, Djessy Mutombo, are one of two tickets for the WSA 2021 election. It has been almost a week since the presidential debate on Wednesday, March 17.Wright said he believed him and Mutombo showcased their campaign well during the debate.

“I think the debate went really well from the conversations I had,” Wright said. “I believe I was able to hit on a lot of the points I wanted to touch on, especially diversity and inclusion. It’s very important and we have to be focused on it.”

Wright said one reason he did well during the debate was because he thinks well on the spot. He added one aspect he could have clarified, was when he misspoke that WSA should not be concerned with the resignations it experienced this year.

“That’s not what I meant.” Wright said. “We shouldn’t be focused on those. We should acknowledge them and then let them move forward.”

He continued: “I’m not a perfect leader but I’m making strides to improve myself.”

Wright said he believed choosing the color blue made their campaign stand out against their opponents. He and Mutumbo chose blue instead of gold and brown, which are WMU’s school’s colors, because it’s the organization's color and they want to represent the vision of WSA.

“We care about showing everyone that every aspect of our platform was carefully thought out, even down to the color,” Wright said during the debate.

During the debate, Morris mentioned a running joke within WSA that her and Jacobi shared a brain and had many similarities in their campaigns. He said a big difference in their campaigns is “legacy.”

“It’s important to be thinking about the future, that’s what we’re here for,” Wright said. “Our mission says that we exist to unify students, to amplify their voices, and provide opportunities to leave a legacy.”

Campaigning ended this week as the student election code states campaigning must end when the election starts. Wright said he was stressed to stop campaigning.

“It’s really up to endorsers...I’m hoping all of our endorsers take that extra step and be active on their social media,” Wright said. “Talk with their friends and encourage everyone to vote. It’s very stressful.”

Wright mentioned that it has been challenging to advocate for people to vote in this election due to COVID-19. He said the voter turnout could be lower this year than previous.

“I think it could be super low which is unfortunate,” Wright said. “I think the more students that turn out the more the more powerful our voice is, the more we can advocate for students next year.”

Voting ends Friday, March 26 at 5 p.m. Students can cast their votes at ExperienceWMU.

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