WSA Presidential Debate

Western Student Association hosted a debate Wednesday, March 17 between both candidates, Jacobi Wright and Alexis Morris. 

Western Michigan University’s Western Student Association’s presidential election results are delayed, said Ruby Eagle, vice president of Rules, Bylaws and Administration, during the Wednesday, April 7 meeting. This is due to several outstanding demerits and appeals against one of the campaigns. 

The Judicial Council and the Election Promotion Committee have not been able to certify the votes due to this. More than three demerits were issued to a campaign before the election ended, but are still going through the appeals process, Eagle said.

If a candidate reaches three demerits, they are disqualified from the election and must cease all campaign activities, per the WSA Student Election Code. 

All the demerits issued have had appeals submitted, Eagle said. Only one appeal to a demerit has gone through the entire judicial council process. The judicial council decided the first appeal didn’t have merit, so the demerit was upheld, she said.

“Since the rest of the demerits have appeals outstanding, there is the chance that the campaign who received the most votes will be disqualified,” Eagle said.

She continued: “Because disqualification is on the horizon, with appeals still being decided on, the results cannot be certified.”

All demerits can be viewed on WSA’s website or on their social media once the appeals go through the judicial process. Students can view it on the website.

“This is unprecedented as we usually have it all wrapped up by now,” said Chris Sligh, director of Student Engagement during the meeting.

Secretary of the House Collin Holzberger asked why the judicial process took time to evaluate the appeals. Chief Justice Ashley Putnam-Murray said she and the other justices decided to take a break during spring break, which resulted in the delay.

“They were pretty much on call all the week of election, so they reached out to me and said they just needed a break,” Putnam-Murray said.

The WSA presidential election received a total of 494 votes. The winning slate received 263 votes and the second slate received 230 votes. 

Eagle added it is hopeful another election update will be provided within a week. 

This is an ongoing story. Updates will be posted as soon as they are made available.

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