Farmworker Awareness Week 2019

Throughout the last week of March, the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) will be hosting the first ever Farmworker Awareness Week. Partnering up with several on-campus organizations and the Kalamazoo community, this week will be full of events that will spread awareness of the migrant and farm working community that make up Western’s  campus and community population.

“The purpose is that we really want to get that exposure to our campus that there are students who come from farm working backgrounds. Michigan is very high in agriculture and we want to make that visibility on campus,” Jose Alexis Mejia, CAMP Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment said.

In order to recognize the efforts of those students and their families coming from a migrant and farm working background, awareness will be brought onto campus that will educate and expose the WMU Bronco family and the Kalamazoo community about the farm working and migrant culture, Mejia said.

“I believe we live in a time right now where the agriculture system even the farm working families have a lot of disparities and are very limited to resources,” Mejia stated.

As farm working awareness is brought to Western, migrant and farm working families will be able to obtain resources that will allow them to feel welcomed and gain a sense of belonging on campus, in our community and our country, Mejia said.

“These events are going to be free and we really want to target the whole student body of WMU, faculty, and staff as well as the whole community of Kalamazoo,” Mejia added.

A brief description of this week’s upcoming events:

Monday, March 25 - Presentation on Education Disparities migrant and farm working students face when seeking post-secondary education.

Tuesday, March 26 - Gallery walk displaying students families working in agriculture, followed by a student panel.

Wednesday, March 27 - Presentation on Immigration and Labor Laws presented by Eva Alvarez.

Thursday, March 28 - Presentation on Health Disparities and Cesar Chavez Blood Drive.

Friday, March 29 - Cesar Chavez March on Social Justice.

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