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A pride flag displayed in a room at WMU's valley dorms. 

The 2020 Kalamazoo Pride has been canceled in an announcement from OutFront Kalamazoo due to COVID-19. The annual event was originally scheduled for June 5 and 6 at Arcadia Creek Festival Place. 

“I know this is disappointing news for so many. This has been a difficult decision to make, but our highest priority has always been the health and safety of Pride attendees, performers, volunteers and staff,” said OutFront Executive Director Amy Hunter. “Typically, Kalamazoo Pride attracts thousands of attendees and gathering a crowd of that size any time this summer would not be a responsible choice.”  

The announcement was made after the organization previously explored options for rescheduling the annual event later in the year, the organization said in their news release. 

“Over the past four weeks we had considered data from the medical community, consulted with civic leaders, sponsors and allies in order to determine our best course of action,” said Grayson Valenti, OutFront’s Director of Operations. “It became clear that Pride should not be rescheduled, but cancelled.” 

Despite Kalamazoo pride being canceled, OutFront Kalamazoo has organized a series of virtual events. These events will demonstrate to the community that, despite the pandemic, the LGBTQ+ community is #StillProud, the press release said.  

“I have been inspired by the community’s creativity and resilience in adjusting to extraordinary circumstances.This is not just a matter of cancelling an event, it is about caring for the entire community,” said Hunter. 

The Pride Month online events will be announced on OutFront Kalamazoo’s website at outfrontkzoo.org. 

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