Bell’s Eccentric Cafe has recently set up a series of igloo-like domes on their patio. There are currently four domes, each of which seat six to eight people and are outfitted with lights, heaters and comfortable chairs, effectively restoring the outdoor seating that is either unavailable or undesirable during the colder months.

“The thought we had was, ‘How do we utilize our outdoor space during the winter?’ because it is a large part of our facility,” Liz Glaab, event manager at Bell’s, said. “We visited Hop Lot Brewing Company in Suttons Bay, (Michigan) where domes like these started, and we thought they were a really cool idea that we wanted to incorporate into our space.”

The domes are available on a reservation basis and welcome to all ages, though one must be 21 or older to pay for a reservation. The standard reservation fee is $25 and grants two hours in one of the domes. Additional time can be reserved for $10 an hour once the initial time expires, provided that the dome is not reserved for another party afterwards.

“The first weekend was booming,” Glaab said. “We had 70 reservations that came through and a lot of people leaving their comments with us, so our weekend was pretty busy with all of that.”

The domes are only going to be open for a brief period this year. Their final day of operation will be March 21 and they will be fully taken down on March 22 in preparation for Oberon Day on March 25.

“This year is kind of a trial run,” Glaab said. “They’re up for about a month and a half so we can work out the kinks and make sure they’re ready for a full season next year. We’re really excited about them and we hope everyone else is too.”

For those who are interested in making a reservation, you can give the Eccentric Cafe a call at (269) 250-8156 to make arrangements. Walk-ins are also welcome, simply ask the bartender for dome availability and go from there.


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