MODA fashion show

WMU student display their designs at the "Carnival Couture" fashion show fundraiser for the Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association.

Western Michigan University students got to strut their stuff on the catwalk at the Fall Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association (MODA) Fashion Show on Friday, Nov. 12 held at the Student Recreation Center.

The “Carnival Couture” themed event allowed both student stylists and student models to demonstrate their passion for fashion on the runway, many for the first time. 

MODA brought back in-person fashion shows this Fall. Samantha Morehead, president of MODA, noted that the show is a great opportunity for new student stylists.  

“We really wanted to showcase our stylists and really give them the opportunity to style and have a show, to be able to showcase their creativity,” Morehead said.  

There were many different styles on display, many stylists even used second hand clothes to create the new garment.  

Grace Stibich, a Junior at WMU, reflected on the experience of showing off her new styles to an audience for the first time.   

“I was really excited and then people said that the doors were opening and I got really nervous, but overall, I really enjoyed it,” Stibich said.  

However, the stylists were not the only important element of this fashion show, for their styles would be nothing without a model to show them off on the runway.   

Like the stylists, this was the first fashion show for many of the models as members of MODA.   

Aquan Pannel, a photographer and WMU Student, wanted to use this event to be able to see what it felt like to be on the opposite side of the camera.   

“It felt good, I was a little nervous walking but that’s normal,” Pannel said.  

Mary Kate McNulty, a sophomore fashion merchandising student, was another model walking on the runway for the first time. She was able to keep herself cool thanks to her long history with stage performance.  

“I was a dancer for 12 years, so I was not nervous at all. I’ve never modeled or anything, but it's not really that much different,” McNulty said.   

MODA models

MODA student models took to the runway for the Fall fashion show fundraiser.

Another important leader within MODA is Model Coach Antigone Calvin McCoy who uses his experience as a nationally signed model to mentor new models on how to model professionally.    

“My favorite part has to be watching them go into the real world and model,” McCoy said. 

The next big show for MODA will be their spring fashion show, which they hope to be much larger than this one.  

McCoy teased the theme for the next show: “It’s going to be City Lights, that’s all I'm going to say,” he said.

However, with a larger show comes larger expectations. Many of the models and stylists cannot wait to further demonstrate their skills at this bigger event.   

“I am extremely excited, I’m gonna create my own line from scratch … this kinda gave us a little taste,” said Stibich. 

For those interested in showing off their own styles or walking down the runway, MODA is open for all majors to get involved.

“We really want to be an organization for all the fashion lovers on campus, we really want to give them the experience,” Morehead said.  

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