Family Science Student Organization hosts Professional Experience Networking Event (PENE)

n Hall on Tuesday March 20, 2018 from 12:00 to 3:30 p.m. This event was hosted by the WMU Family Science Student Organization (FSSO) and was created for Family Science students and community organizations to connect for job shadow, volunteer, field experience, internship and future career opportunities.

The event has been offered to students for five years, and each year Kohrman is filled with familiar and new organizations within the community. This year at least 18 different organizations were a part of PENE, which included the Ark Services for the Youth, Ninth Circuit Court and Family Division, Kalamazoo Nature Center, Kalamazoo Drop in Child Care Center, MSU Extension 4-H, Kalamazoo Youth Development Network, Bronson Child Life, Sindecuse Theatre for Community Health, ASK Community Advocates, Department of Health and Human Services, Bethany Christian Services, Prevention Works, Kalamazoo YWCA, Sherman Lake YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo, Friendship Village, Gryphon Place, Senior Services,  along with WMU - FCS Advising and info on the FCS Accelerated Master’s Program.

“I am a member of the Family Science Student Organization (FSSO) and I heard about the event through our planning meeting,” Ethan J. Young, WMU family science student, said.  “During the PENE event I am to greet people and give out name cards to the different organizations.”

Many FCS students heard about PENE through their FCS classes, and many instructors also encouraged students to stop by and partake in networking opportunities as well as volunteer and help with the event itself.

“Robin Millar gave out flyers in class about the event and told us about the different organizations coming from the community. I’ve talked to every agency and they seem very willing to help me in my career and finish my degree,” Jenna Fassbender, WMU family science student, said.

The event incorporated a variety of students, community employers, and faculty of WMU. In fact, President Ed Montgomery stopped by the event to show his support for the Family Science Department.

“I believe I heard about the event through the Family Science Department, and I think it is a great event and a great opportunity to meet students and see students meeting future employers and organizations in the community,” President Montgomery said.

“I think it’s great having the President here to show the students support and support for our field,” Robin Millar, the Faculty Advisor for the FSSO and a FCS Instructor, said.

The Grad Leader of the Family Science Student Organization Kara Woodshank was also positive in her thoughts about the event.

“It’s going really well. Students are very engaged and talking to many of the different agencies. I’ve seen many students schedule field experiences, job shadows and internships,” Woodshank said.

If you would like to learn more about the Family Science Student Organization, or become involved in this event next year, feel free to contact the organization through email at rso-fsso@wmich.eduor like them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also attend one of their monthly meetings on every second and fourth Wednesday in Kohrman Hall room 3307, from 12 to 1 p.m.


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