WIDR FM had the honor to welcome yet another local artist this week for Music in the Library. 

Lindsey King was the artist this week, bringing a Blues/ Rock alternative sound to the basement of the WIDR studio. She played three acoustic songs for WIDR, including two of her own pieces and an Amy Winehouse cover, one of her favorite artists. 

Along with Amy Winehouse, Lindsey expressed that Alan Stone and John Mayer were some of her other favorite artists.

Although King does have artists and song genres that stand out to her, none of her songs are completely modeled after any particular artist’s style. 

“As an artist, you absorb everything you're listening to and it just comes out in different ways,” said King when asked who her biggest influences are.

Lindsey has been making music for some time now. Her interest in music began to flourish at the age of 15 when she found a guitar at a family reunion.

“I picked up a guitar… and I just started playing around with it. After that, I started exploring guitar and singing,” King said.

King has come a long way since that family reunion and is now playing at open mic nights and drumming for the band Missin’ Peace.

Regarding her next steps as an artist, King plans to continue recording her songs and covers as well as create more music with Missin’ Piece.

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