21 things to keep you occupied while quarantined indoors

Due to the spread of coronavirus, traditional forms of entertainment are out the window.

Across the state, campuses as well as other institutions have been shut down and Western Michigan is no different.While classes are moved online, what does this mean for the culture and life of students who are discouraged from leaving their residences? It means a great deal of indoor time.

  1. Board games and puzzles are always a good option when you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go. Crack open that dusty old game of “Clue” and figure out whether that dastardly Mr. Mustard used a candlestick or a wrench in the library.

  2. If board games just aren’t your style, maybe it’s time to get a little creative. Try taking all the bands off of a rubber band ball and putting them back on. It might be a bit more difficult than you think.

  3. Pretend you’re a sea bass. There’s nothing quite like flopping around on the floor to get rid of the cabin fever.

  4. Take a note from our plant brethren and photosynthesize. Now, you might say that’s just not possible and you may be right, but the sun is coming out and it’s the perfect opportunity to grab a book and sit by a sunlit window.

  5. Go fishin’ in a fish tank. Or even better watch the fish swim around and explore their own deep unknown. Give them names and backstories and watch their fishy drama unfold. If you don’t have fish or a fish tank, then check out number 15 on this list.

  6. Draw a flip comic book and watch your story unfold. It could be about anything from a superhero flying through the sky to global pandemic, whatever your mind can come up with.

  7. Get a Ouija board and mess around with some demons. This might not be the safest item on this list, but it sure is bound to spice up your quarantine.

  8. Read Harry Potter, then watch the movies. After you’re done, sit by the window and watch the mailbox for your Hogwarts letter before you realize that you’re in college and that letter isn’t coming.

  9. Learn an instrument and by the time you’ve become proficient, if you are still under quarantine, learn another one. If you don’t have spare instruments lying around, then become a professional whistler.

  10. Design a roller coaster. This can be a particularly exciting one, but unless you’re an engineering student, it might not be a reality.

  11. Download universe sandbox and let all of the planets collide. You are god and this is your domain. Be wrathful.

  12. Build a fort out of sheets. If you can’t leave your house, then you might as well just enjoy your social distance in comfort.

  13. Learn how to weave and weave yourself a Quarantine Cardigan.

  14. Fill your sink with soapy water and make yourself a bubble beard. It’s sanitary and fun.

  15. Acquire two poodles and cuddle both poodles.

  16. Lock your credit card in a cabinet then browse amazon, because let’s be honest, you can’t be trusted.

  17. Dress up like a flapper because hey, it’s still the twenties.

  18. Put on some Bob Ross and just vibe out the quarantine. His soothing voice and happy little trees will remind you that all you need to do is relax and get through this.

  19. Start a podcast. I guarantee that you have something to say, but I can’t guarantee that people will listen. Either way, this’ll be a very fun way to spend your quarantine.

  20. Eat all the muffins, wonder where your self-respect went, then watch Bojack Horseman on Netflix.

  21. Make a list of things you can do inside.

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