WMU GOP skeptical about legitimacy of a Biden victory

The WMU GOP is awaiting finalized election results as President Trump's legal team alleges voter fraud.

It’s been around a month since election day 2020 and half of Republicans believe that President Trump’s loss was due to voter fraud, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. With the election process still underway, the WMU GOP, also known as the College Republicans at WMU, have many views surrounding one of the most controversial elections in recent US history.  

Bryce Robinson, president of the College Republicans, says that he has mixed feelings about the outcome of the election, but the club isn’t “throwing in the towel until it’s officially all the way done.” 

Robinson said that the club believes that there have been conflicting reports as to whether or not the election was fair, but the fact that Trump’s legal team is investing the time and money into proving alleged voter fraud is concerning for the College Republicans as it indicates to them that this is an issue that is true and worth fighting for. 

“The fact is we still have Trump's legal team battling it out, trying to get the truth out,” said Robinson.

The biggest concern the College Republicans have surrounding the security of the election is mail-in voting. The group believes that there were many problems with the mail-in voting system and that most of the voting should have been done in person to minimize discrepancies. 

“There were a lot of questions about how the mail-in voting system worked in this election...a lot of these problems would have been prevented if it weren’t for mail-in voting,” said Robinson.

Poll-watching regulations is another concern of the group. Robinson said that there were some instances he heard of where poll-watchers were treated unfairly; thus, not allowing them to accurately see how the vote counting was taking place.

“In Georgia, Republican poll watchers were turned away and there were very very rough restrictions placed on poll watchers,” said Robinson.

The media has been a concern for many republicans this year, concerning the topic of fake news and inaccurate material, and the College Republicans hold this same fear. 

“The media does not call the election, said Robinson. “There’s no part in the constitution that says a media outlet gets to call it.” 

Overall, the group understands Donald Trump may not win the election and they are ready to be civil about the prospects of a Biden presidency; however, they would like to use these instances that they believe to be fraudulent as a lesson for elections in the future. 

“We definitely see that there are a lot of occurrences happening and we just want them to be cleared up… if I was a democrat in this situation I would want the same consideration,” said Robinson.


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