Larry the Cable Guy connected on all cylinders at his show in Kalamazoo

Larry’s “Remain Seated” tour brought him to Miller Auditorium last week, where he was received well.

Larry the Cable Guy performed at Miller Auditorium Wednesday night as a stop on his “Remain Seated” Tour. The show was a lot of fun, with tons of laughs prompted by his crude humor.

The opening act was up-and-coming comedian Nick Hoff. Hoff did a good job of comically timing his rated-R jokes while also making sure to mention a lot about his family. Hoff was on stage for about 20 minutes with most of his jokes about his family and a rather interesting experience about his time “landscaping.”

Larry the Cable Guy was the main attraction and he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Coming out in his signature sleeveless flannel and truck hat, Larry didn’t shy away from his Nebraskan lifestyle. Most of Larry’s jokes were at the expense of himself and at times the audience, in one instance asking why someone would want to live in Kalamazoo for the winter.

Larry went on to joke about what the cold weather did to certain body parts of his. 

Larry made mentioned his wife multiple times throughout the show, mainly saying how she always likes to poke fun at his weight. The told stories of how having children has made it harder to “share with others.”

During the hour-long set, Larry went on to make jokes about Walmart and how he heard of a couple who had a full wedding and honeymoon there prompting one of the loudest laughs of the show. The blue collared comedian also offered up some humorous anecdotes on his experiences with Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral, and Greyhound buses.

As much as I did like a lot of Larry the Cable Guy’s jokes, they did get dull at times. The repeated mentions of his weight and “skid marks” got old after the third or fourth time, and multiple jokes using toilet humor such as when Larry joked how his grandfather died on the toilet, and “he died doing what he loved.” 

However, it was an overall great night of laughs with Larry the Cable Guy having the audience in the palms of his hand with fat jokes, stereotypical analogies, the occasional immature adult sex joke, and you can’t forget Larry’s well known catchphrase “Git-R-Done.”

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