"Amadeus": An outsider's perspective on the life of Mozart

The story of one of the greatest composers known to man was met with standing ovations on its opening weekend.

The opening weekend for “Amadeus” By Peter Shaffer and directed at WMU by Mark Liermann was this past weekend and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house, nor a filled one at the end of the performance.

“‘Amadeus’ is an unexpected tale of music and sin,” said an avid theater-goer named Sam once the show had concluded.

Jerome Jones as Antonio Salieri and Preston McKale as Wolfgang Amadeus Monzart were a spectacle to behold. Jerome Jones excelled at playing the prim, proper, and composed composer Salieri while Preston McKale thrived in the role of the eccentric Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“Amadeus” is filled with accurate historical facts that give you a 1st person view into the life of Mozart from an outsider’s perspective, Antonio Salieri.

 Throughout the show, you’ll hear music by Antonio Saliari, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and other great composers of the time.  You’ll view the the fashion of the time, unsightly or not, you’ll be the judge.

If you’re into theater all the way, just a little, or not at all. “Amadeus” has something to take away from it.  Whether it be humor, facts, happiness, or sadness, this performance is full of emotion.

As ghosts of the future, you’ll play witness to the final confession of a dying man, and a final hope for remembrance.

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