Here's why you should wait to grab 2K

Jake Nelson: With a new school year comes a new edition of 2K Sports professional basketball video game “NBA 2K20”. Over the past week I’ve spent a lot of time with the game, finding features I enjoy as well as features I find annoying. I separated the game by category and will rate it on a scale from one to five, and will rate the game as a whole with an overall rating as well as my final thoughts on the game.

Play Now:

The Play Now feature of the game allows you to play as the most up to date teams against the computer or an opponent online. Other than updated rosters, the mode is almost exactly the same as the previous year. New to this year, however, is the addition of being able to play as the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The addition of the WNBA is a cool way to incorporate more gender inclusivity to the game, as the WNBA has been around for over 20 years. However, a lot of the animations are identical to last year’s entry. Another gameplay issue is the tendency for open jump shots to miss a lot more than in the game last year, making this years’ 2K much less realistic than the actual NBA.

Rating: 3


The mode in which you collect cards to build the ultimate fantasy lineup is back. To be honest, nothing from this mode has changed from last year. New and updated card designs for the players is all I can say has changed. I have two main problems with this mode. First, the mode is a pay to win. How this mode works is in order to get the best cards you have to find them in packs. To get the packs, you have to pay for Virtual Currency. It should be at a somewhat equal playing field, but it’s all about the money. The much bigger problem is the servers. Ever since launch, the servers have been all over the place. When playing online, it’s very likely you’ll be kicked from the game with no rhyme or reason and lose all the progress you have achieved.

Rating: 2.5


The create a player modeis back with a brand new story tracking your player from the Draft Combine all the way into the NBA. I actually enjoyed the story that was portrayed this year. It had interesting dialogue as well as a lot of interactive features to get your player drafted into the NBA. Once the story is over it’s just playing games, which gets boring after a while. The problem comes with the park/neighborhood feature. While It was advertised that it would be brand new and updated, this feature is exactly the same as last year and to upgrade your player you can either grind games for days at a time or to expedite the process you can buy Virtual Currency to help speed it up. Along with a lot of glitches and bugs this mode leaves a lot to be desired 

Rating: 2


The mode in which you can take any NBA team, rebuild it and lead it to a championship is back.  I don’t have much to say about this mode. It has all the same features and rules and cutscenes as last year. You can still load online draft classes and edit the sliders of active players. The only update to the mode is the new rosters, that is it. It feels like 2K spent all its time focusing on the other modes and forgot about MyLeague.

Rating: 3

Final Thoughts:

Like most years, this game has a couple of cool new features that have been implemented. For the most part, however, it's pretty much the same game with updated rosters. For $60, I want more than a roster update and better graphics. I want a game that improves on past mistakes and adds on to the game every year and 2K fails at that. I would wait till this game goes on sale during Black Friday before picking it up.

Overall Rating: 2.5

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