Jonas Brothers

On Feb. 28, the Jonas Brothers announced they have reunited and on March 1, they released their newest single “Sucker.”

After breaking up in 2013, each of the members have since pursued their own individual careers. While Kevin has been at home with his wife and two daughters, both Nick and Joe have remained in the spotlight with the success of Joe’s band DNCE and Nick having both a solo music and acting career. While they remained close as brothers, they chose to separate from each other in terms of creative work.

“I really only liked Nick Jonas’s solo career since he’s hot as hell," freshman Josh Bierlein said. “His vocal range is out of this world.”

The band’s return to the music industry came as a shock, especially for those who were fans of their music years ago. Within 24 hours of it’s release, “Sucker” became the number one song on iTunes as well as becoming the first group of the century to debut a song at number one on the Billboard Top 100 charts.

“I am totally living for this reunion that they are having, because they were my idols growing up so seeing them coming back together is amazing,” Bierlein said.  

The song, written by Ryan Tedder, is a very fun and upbeat song that sounds like a mix of each of the brothers’ styles. Personally, I think this song is one of the most exciting songs to be released in 2019 so far and could be one of the songs of the summer.

“Sucker is a bop,” Bierlein said. “I love it so much and it is on repeat.”

According to the brothers, this reunion has been in the works for over a year. On March 4, the brothers confirmed with Amazon Prime Video that a documentary following the lives of the Jonas Brothers from their youth to today is in production and will release sometime this year.

In recent interviews, the brothers said that in filming this upcoming documentary, they grew closer and decided it was time to start playing music together again. They also have revealed that they have recorded somewhere between 30 and 40 songs, which will be released sometime this year as either one or two separate albums, and that they will most likely be going on tour following the album’s release.

The music video, which included both Nick and Kevin’s wives Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Danielle Jonas, as well as Joe’s fiance and “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner, has reached over 61 million views this week.

Many of the Jonas Brothers fans, who were children when they started performing, are now adults. However, that has not stopped many from vocalizing their support for the band’s return.

“This is my middle school dreams come true,” freshman Laney Piontek said. “I’m a real sucker for the Jonas Brothers getting back together.”

With an album (or two), a documentary and a tour, the Jonas Brothers have reunited and they have brought with them a lot for fans to be excited for.

“I think them getting back together is great,” freshman Kiana Iverson said. “I want them to continue making more songs.”

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