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Nintendo Switch owners with a Switch Online subscription have something new to play this week. As of Thursday, Sep. 5, a slew of SNES games have been made available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Just like the Switch’s library of NES games that came before, these titles are free of charge for Switch Online subscribers and come with a slew of features to help make them more comfortable to play in the modern age.

A modest selection of 20 titles from the SNES’s library, including classics such as “Super Mario World”, “Yoshi’s Island”, “Super Metroid” and “Star Fox”, are currently playable. While players will certainly be able to get a lot of mileage out of these titles, this is only the first installment and more games will be added each month.

In terms of performance, all of the games on offer are emulated admirably. They all look and control just like they used to and feel great to play with the Switch’s controllers. On top of the great feel, each game gives players the ability to place their own save points, letting them pick up exactly where they left off, and rewind their progress, making it possible to more easily progress through tough areas by undoing previous mistakes.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, these games are now playable online for the first time ever. In any of the available titles with multiplayer modes, players can now invite a friend to play with them over the internet, at last making it possible to play a game of “Kirby’s Dream Course” with somebody on the other side of the country.

Seeing SNES games make it to the Switch really is a treat. The starting lineup of titles includes a lot of heavy-hitting classics and the new features that they come with make them more accessible to a wider audience who may have never played them before. The best part, perhaps, is that these titles are available to all Switch Online subscribers at no extra cost. And with new titles to be added to the lineup regularly, subscribers are going to have something new and fun to look forward to playing each month. Here’s hoping that we get to see N64 games getting added to the service in the near future.

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