Election at the Bernhard Center

Election day at the Bernhard Center.

As ballots are counted around the country to determine the winner of this year's election, many people grow stressed as they wait to see the final results. Here are some ways to cope while waiting to hear the final counts.

Brian Fuller, Director at Sindecuse Health Center, said that elections, like this year, can cause students to experience increased symptoms of anxiety, anger, depression and fear from waiting to hear the results.

“We tend to connect with a candidate that we feel will bring about positive change in significant ways,” Fuller said. “Unfortunately, we have already seen violence and aggression being used to promote voter suppression which is extremely difficult to experience through the media. Regardless of the political party, each side feels that their values are at stake and it may feel catastrophic if your candidate does not win.“

Fuller said he recommends reducing the amount of time you spend monitoring news of the election on TV and social media. Rather than staring at a screen waiting for the winner to be announced, students can spend time outdoors.

Students can also exercise and spend time doing hobbies that they enjoy while they wait for the results. Meditation is also a form of self-care that students can do.

Fuller also added that keep in contact with friends and supports. Students should get good sleep, exercise, be in nature, meditate, listen to music, write in a journal, pray, listen and stay connected to others.

“Avoid getting into political debates with others and focus on self-care,” Fuller said. “Remember to reach out for professional support if needed.”

Sindecuse offers individual counseling services to students who are dealing with mental health issues. Up to eight sessions per year are available to eligible students. For more information on counseling services, call (269) 387-1850 or visit their website.

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