Miller Auditorium

Miller Auditorium announced the schedule for the Marana Group Spotlight series of shows on their website. This series looks to be another solid lineup for Miller, with a wide variety of different shows being exhibited from the beginning of this coming semester through to the end of the next.

From October to April, there will be a little something for everyone on stage at Miller, from family-friendly crowd pleasers such as “Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live” and “Dinosaur World Live,” musical acts by The Piano Guys and Farewell Angelina, to award winning productions such as “Jersey Boys” and “The Color Purple.” 

“Each show carries a great amount of artistic value that reflects Miller’s mission; to enlighten, entertain and educate,” said Anthony Rastigue, marketing assistant at Miller Auditorium.

Tickets to see The Piano Guys perform are already available to purchase at the box office and, by the time classes begin, the remaining shows will have either gone on sale or had their sale dates announced. For this series, Miller is anticipating tickets to sell rather quickly, especially for the more recognized shows being hosted, such as “Jersey Boys.”

“We are hoping to pack as many seats as possible, especially since previous shows like ‘Piano Guys’ and ‘The Lion King’ have sold out in the past,” Rastigue said. “This series is a great way for students to immerse themselves into Miller’s cultural landscape and discover truly creative talent.”

A full schedule with dates and times for each show in the series can be found here ( WMU students are able to get their tickets for half their asking price by ordering in person or by calling the ticket office at 269-387-2300. Miller Auditorium has knocked it out of the park with the announcement of this series’ schedule, providing several more reasons for theatre fans to be excited for the 2019-2020 season.

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