This Week on Music at the Library

Demure jams out at Music at the Library

As the school year gets into full swing, WIDR FM is bringing in some fresh acts for its Music at the Library segment.

This past week on Tuesday, September 10, Demure was in the Music Library sharing a varied set list. He performed some classical, jazz, and even a little Frank Zappa.

“I grew up playing in orchestra and in jazz band and that is easily the biggest influence as far as my songwriting, form, practice mentality,” said Demure, discussing the roots of his varied musical stylings and his experiences playing double bass for nine years and how that lead into his current guitar playing. “In orchestra...every couple bars has some Italian word you know, diminuendo, ritardando, and then marks for upstroke or downstroke with a bow, it’s very exact in how it should be performed and I like to bring that to what I do.”

Demure is a very proficient and practiced guitarist and that fact shone through with his set as two of the songs he performed were original instrumentals that relied on his ability to be exact and very attentive to detail.

In addition to these more traditional or established forms such as jazz and classical, Demure is also a fan of some more experimental and guitar heavy forms of music. 

“I love Pink Floyd, they’re my favorite,” said Demure. “I like Philip Glass a lot, I have a Philip Glass impressions song that I play.” 

He went on to talk about several other musicians such as Django Reinhardt and Jaco Pastorius and of course, Frank Zappa, whose song ‘Valarie’ he performed as part of his set.

 “Every now and again, I really listen to those guys whenever I start to feel kind of complacent in my practicing, or in my writing,” he said. “It’s not a wake-up call per se, but something in that line where it’s like, there’s a lot more to go from where I’m at and it’s inspiring to me.”

As well as looking back on how his music has evolved and grown, Demure discussed what he hopes to do next, including his two upcoming shows in October.

“One of them, I did the line-up, it’s all experimental music, which is cool, but nothing way way out there like no free jazz,” said Demure, talking about one of his upcoming shows. The show will focus mostly on ambient music, instead of harsher styles like the noise genre. He then went on to discuss his Philip Glass impressions which he says are entering the final stage of writing. 

“I’m excited for that, especially [because] the song has a lot of potential to be effective in its nature. It’s called ‘On Uncertainty’ and I think this final writing stage will really make it seem like a boiling pot of water,” he said, talking about his progress on the project. Demure also added that he is considering an EP in addition to other future projects.


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