Top Nine Podcasts for Western Students

Manny Wilson in the studio recording his podcast 'The Run' on 89.1 FM WIDR.

Western students have spoken, and the number of good podcasts to listen to made needing a list compilation for this semester an absolute must have. The ones listed are only a few, but the range in genres is immense for those wanting more topics covered by favorite talk show hosts.


A strange home filled with paranormal activity and a secretive family is a great way to get into the horror and folktale genre of podcasts. Mabel shows its spooky side through phone messages between family members and the strange happenings they encounter.

Magnus Archives 

An organization researching the esoteric and weird, nothing could possibly go wrong or be wandering the halls of the Magnus Institute. The Magnus Archives brings a good balance to horror enthusiasts and anthology majors alike with weekly episodes.


Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband, Justin, talk current and historical medical goings-on with a comedic twist. A good laugh goes a long way in the health of day-to-day life.


Kodakery displays creativity at its finest with different contributors giving details on what it means to bring culture to life. Through the lens of film, art, and, analog guests take the dive into their perception of how the arts affect all of us.

The Run with Manny Wilson 

A multi-genre podcast where Manny Wilson, a western student, talks about what brings the world together. From the recent politics and business angles to what’s new in pop culture all on WIDR-FM 89.1. More information about the podcast can be found on twitter: @PodcastTheRun.


Different genres of podcasts brought together under one name to bring content to listeners. From what’s going on in the music industry and new artists making their names to what’s going on politically.

The Pod by Pat McAfee Inc. 

A fun podcast to lighten the day with laughter, fun, and loosening up stressed minds. Pat McAfee and company speak about what’s going on in the world in a light way to keep their audience smiling.

The Moth Radio Hour 

Stages usually mean scripts and rehearsing. This podcast brings stories without notes or props or audience interaction, just true stories told weekly.

True Crime

For those who enjoy the creepy and the paranoid, these podcasts bring it on with stories of crimes that may involve little exaggeration in their retelling. Such as “Park Predators”, “Someone Knows Something”, and “Morbidology'' which cover the cases that can go from the most renowned, to the ones that need some extra screen time to know what was really going on in sketchy areas.


Let us know your favorite podcasts in the comments below.


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