The WMU University Symphony Orchestra will be putting on a performance this Sunday featuring Stulberg International String Competition Silver Medalist Nathan Le as a cello soloist.  This will be the first time this semester the University Symphony Orchestra will be performing.

The University Symphony Orchestra is calling this performance a “Russian Spectacular”, performing pieces from legendary composers Dmitri Shostakovich and Sergei Prokofiev.

“I think everybody should go to the symphony more often. It’s beautiful music, and we’d love the show of support for the hard work and effort we’ve put in,” said Gabby Lindhurst, a violinist and WMU Orchestra Librarian, giving an example of why people should come out to the performance on Sunday.

“I think people should come to be introduced to new types and styles of music.” said Brittany Missa, principal flutist for the WMU Symphony Orchestra and First Year Graduate Student in Flute Performance.

Time and practice are a huge part of the incoming performance on Sunday. Not just official practice, but personal practice time as well.

“Our performances are in month cycles, so for this performance we’ve been practicing three times a week for the last month with a dress rehearsal the week before the performance,” said Lindhurst.

“I practice on my own time, every day, at least three to four hours depending on my schedule,” said Bissa

When asked which part of the upcoming performance do you think the audience will enjoy the most, both Lindhurst and Bissa praised Nathan Le, the Stulberg International String Competition Silver Medalist cello player.

“It’s captivating to watch him play, he’s so into the music and understands it, he’s someone you can enjoy watching without knowing much about this type of music.” said Bissa about Nathan Le.

This Sunday at Miller Auditorium at 3:00pm, you’ll be able to watch and listen to Nathan Le, Gabby Lindhurst, Brittany Bissa, and many others perform what the University Symphony Orchestra is calling a “Russian Spectacular” free of charge.

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