WMU students’ top ten ‘The Office’ episodes

The fan favorite show 'The Office' left Netflix early this year for NBC's new platform Peacock.

Netflix subscribers bid farewell to “The Office” this New Year as it leaves for Peacock, so Western Michigan University students took a look back on their top ten favorite episodes. 

In 2019, Nielsen reported 45.8 billion minutes watched of “The Office” on Netflix over a 12-month period, making it Netflix’s most watched show, and understandably hard for Netflix subscribers to say ‘goodbye’ to. 

Here is what WMU students picked for the top ten list:

1. Dinner Party (Season 4, Episode 9)

By creating a fake task from the corporate office to stay late, Michael tricks Jim and Pam into running out of excuses to come to his place for dinner with Jan, Angela, and Andy. Overcome with jealousy, Dwight crashes the dinner with his old babysitter.

Senior John Hager and Junior Oren Kaufman both listed this episode as their favorite, as many other fans do as well. The episode creates comedic tension from the beginning scene to the end, letting viewers get an inside look on Michael and Jan’s relationship.

2. Christmas Party (Season 2, Episode 10)

During a game of Secret Santa at the office Christmas party, Michael becomes irate over Phyllis’ gift to him and changes the game to white elephant. 

While many WMU students share an appreciation for “The Office” holiday episodes, this one tends to be a fan favorite due to the teapot Jim gives Pam as well as Michael’s reaction to Phyllis’ homemade gift. Nielsen also reported it as the most watched holiday episode, with 9.7 million views upon it first being aired.

3. Stress Relief Part 1 (Season 5, Episode 14)

At the time of airing in 2009, Stress Relief Part 1 brought in an astounding 22.91 million views per Nielsen, a global data analytics firm which measures ratings of broadcast and cable TV. These numbers are partially due to its airtime being directly after the Super Bowl. Nielsen also reports that almost no other show has received those numbers on television since. On streaming services, it still holds high on the list for many viewers today due to the episode’s comedy. 

In the episode, during Dwight’s unannounced fire-safety drill, Stanley has a heart attack and Michael decides that everyone in the office needs help with stress relief while the corporate office sends a professional to teach CPR. While watching a bootleg movie with Andy, Jim and Pam deal with the separation of Pam’s parents. 

WMU senior Austin Jarvis listed Stress Relief as his favorite episode because of the fire simulation scene, while sophomore Isabelle Gallagher said she believed the CPR scene was the best one.

4. Diversity Day (Season 1, Episode 2)

Due to a joke Michael made in the office, the corporate office sends someone to the Scranton branch for diversity training. Michael disagrees with the way Diversity day is handled and takes matters into his own hands.

Although an early episode in the series, it made the top ten list for it’s comedic scene in the conference room when Michael required everyone to put a notecard on their foreheads with a race or ethnicity and guess what their card said.

5. Niagara Part 1 (Season 6, Episode 4)

In order to get everyone from the office to go, Michael decides to offer paid time off to those in the office that attend Jim and Pam’s wedding in Niagara Falls. However, the catch is that Pam’s pregnancy is a taboo topic that must be avoided around Pam’s grandma. 

The first part of the wedding episodes, Niagara Part 1 made the top ten list for its comedy in scenes such as Andy’s injury whilst dancing or Dwight’s discovery of twins in the hotel bar.

6. Stress Relief Part 2 (Season 5, Episode 15)

After holding a roast for himself in an effort to de-stress the office, Michael takes a personal day at the park before returning to deliver roasts of his own around the office. Dwight must make amends for his actions and Andy becomes convinced Jim and Pam are film gurus. 

As a continuation of the first Stress Relief episode, Part 2 comes in at second for its own comedic scenes, such as Michael feeding the birds or swinging at the park.

7. Niagara Part 2 (Season 6, Episode 5)

While Kevin deals with a shoe mishap and Andy heals from an embarrassing injury from the night before, everyone from the office attends Jim and Pam’s wedding in Niagara Falls.

Junior Christina Byrne listed this episode of Jim and Pam’s wedding as her favorite, and it remains a fan favorite among many WMU students for its heartfelt scenes and satisfying love story.

8. Finale (Season 9, Episode 23)

Set a year after the documentary has aired, the members of the office return to Scranton for a Q&A and Dwight’s marriage to Angela at Schrute Farms.

The series finale made the top ten list because of its satisfying and wholesome ending of the character’s storylines, from Jim and Pam leaving Scranton and Dwight and Angela getting married to Michael making a reappearance on the show for the wedding.

9. The Dundies (Season 2, Episode 1)

The office prepares for another one of Michael’s Dundie awards ceremonies at Chili’s. However, this year they do not have funding for an open bar. After the warehouse workers leave, Pam decides to get drunk.

This episode made the top ten list because of its introduction to Michael Scott’s award ceremony: The Dundies. The episode also shows Pam kiss Jim for the very first time before getting banned from Chili’s.

10. The Convict (Season 3, Episode 9)

After the merger of the Stamford branch, Michael finds out someone on payroll is a reformed convict who has been telling other workers that jail is not as bad as it seems. Upon hearing this, Michael decides to act to make them think differently.

During this episode, viewers are introduced to one of Michael’s alter egos, Prison Mike. This is what bumped the episode to the top ten list, as well as Michael’s line about dementors being so popular among students.

Honorable mention as the most cringe episode: Scott’s Tots (Season 6, Episode 12)

Michael has to go back and face the graduating class of students that he promised to pay full tuition to when they were in third grade. Jim takes over the idea Employee of the Month, but it ends up backfiring. While this may be far from a fan favorite for most students, it is one of the most memorable episodes due to the second hand embarrassment viewers often feel when watching the episode.

Let us know what other episodes are your favorites in the comments below.





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