CAB polls community for upcoming concert

Earlier this month Campus Activities Board (CAB) had the Western Michigan University community help determine a headliner for their upcoming concert this fall.

The poll has been narrowed down to three choices - hip- hop duo R. City, R&B recording artist Jidenna and pop-punk heroes Metro Station.

The three final choices, which are as interesting as they are diverse, had been previously narrowed down from a much larger list chosen by CAB.

"Our executive board was given a poll of about sixty artists that each of us had to go through and listen to and pick our top five," Ashley Pudas, Vice-President for Campus Activities Board, said. "It was narrowed down from those options for the open poll for the students."

While the prospect of a concert hosted by CAB has many excited, this is only one of many events that CAB will be organizing this fall.

"Campus Activities Board plans weekly events for students using a part of the Student Assessment Fee," Pudas said. "Our events range from Miller Movies to special events like spa night, the CAB Carnival, concerts, comedy and cultural events."

In the meantime, students are always encouraged to get involved with the organization to help plan events.

"CAB is always looking for new ideas and new members," said Pudas. "Our first meeting for the school year is September 12 at 8:30 p.m. in room 208. Anyone is welcome to our General Assembly meetings."

The exact date for the show has yet to be determined but is projected to take place later on in the fall semester.

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Samuel Penfold

Arts and culture show for the concert with the best images for the considered and final. The mode of the writing service re adhered for the art and different cultural games of the times.


If it helps Jidenna has immediate family in Michigan, performed in Royal Oak last fall and has an interesting history deriving from Michigan and Wisconsin. Would love to see him perform

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