House Crawl proceeding amid coronavirus apprehension

Crowds gathered for House Crawl in spring of 2019.

As the university transitions to online classes and cancels events expecting over 100 in attendance, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer bans gatherings of more than 250 people, some Western Michigan students are left wondering: what about House Crawl?

House Crawl, an event which has previously been referred to as “the biggest party of the year,” will still be taking place on March 14 beginning at 11:11 am. This year, the party is being organized by GB Nupes, Team Litty and TMG Royalty. In the past, it has been hosted by individuals behind the Twitter account @WMUSocial.

Because the event is not officially affiliated with WMU, it does not have to follow restrictions put in place by the university to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Organizers are aware of the potential for the virus to spread. Discretion is being left to students to decide whether they still would like to attend.

“I feel like the word ‘afraid’ is a bit strong, but it is definitely possible to spread,” one of the hosts,  No Limit Lynn, said. “We are concerned but that’s more of the people’s choice in terms of cancelling it.”

DJ TRE RAW, one of the four DJs who will provide sounds for the event, believes the coronavirus will not be a major deterrent for the St. Patrick’s Day-themed festivities.

“Personally I feel a lot of people are still going on with their daily duties in life,” DJ TRE RAW said. “It’s at people’s own free will if they still want to attend.”

Lots of hand sanitizer will be provided and organizers advise attendees to adhere by personal hygiene recommendations.

“My best recommendation to prevent the spreading is just to try to stay as clean as possible when it comes to washing your hands,” DJ TRE RAW added.

The fear of catching the virus has not prevented those involved from going about their daily life.

“Personally for me it is strange to something like this occur,” DJ TRE RAW said. “I’ve still been handling my daily business accordingly like going to work.”

Lynn agrees.

“No I am not afraid of catching the virus,” he said. “I’m more afraid of getting quarantined for two weeks.”


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