WMU musician Chase Walsh releases new single with Worry Club

Following the release of the "Chase's Hands" EP, Worry Club releases new single "In My Ear."

At Midnight on Feb. 28, Bedroom Pop outfit, Worry Club, released a new single titled “In My Ear.” The song brings together dreamy guitar riffs, punchy drums, and self deprecating lyrical content to make a unique indie-punk sound.

Lead artist, Chase Walsh wrote and recorded this track in his small college apartment. Recorded with just a laptop, interface, several instruments, and only three microphones, Walsh produced a quality track in tried and true DIY fashion. 

Worry Club takes heavy influences from Say Anything, The Maine, and Modern Baseball bringing together various styles from each in this new single, “In My Ear.” 

“It’s pretty relatable to the average college student,” Walsh said.The song is a dark take on college relationships and a dysmorphic view of oneself and Walsh hopes that this will speak to a larger, younger audience.

“I really tried to portray how big of a piece of shit I feel like when someone confesses their feeling towards me,” Walsh said. “The song is really about how compliments can, at times, be more toxic than insults or criticism.” 

Worry Club will be performing this new single in early March for a live studio session at the Quadio Headquarters in New York City. The band has previously released an EP titled “Chase’s Hands” that gained the attention and praise from the Midwest DIY music scene. They plan to continue playing shows and releasing more new music throughout the rest of the year, including a new single every month until summer and then a tour with the group TV Dinner.


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