WMU Board of Trustee's approve tuition increase for 2019-20 year

WMU Board of Trustee's meeting on Wednesday, June 26

In a budget recommending $10 million dollars in cuts, Western Michigan University approved a proposal to raise tuition and rates for the upcoming year at a Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, June 26.

Before the 2018-19 school year, in-state undergraduate students were hit with a 3.88 percent increase. Students will see a 4.3 percent increase in tuition; a $534 dollar rise from $12,483, to $13,07. Out-of-state students will pay 8.71 percent more, while graduate students will receive a $30 per credit hour increase.

Because the State of Michigan has yet to approve its budget, the tuition restraint is still undecided. Tony Proudfoot, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic communications says from what he's heard in Lansing, lawmakers are likely to allow the 4.3 percent increase. According to the University, the rise would be revisited if the state decides to lower the cap on tuition.

"The state has a formula on determining compliance and we're presuming that formula will remain unchanged," Van Der Klay said.

The board approved a budget of $423 million at the meeting on Wednesday, allowing the university to yield a larger number of incoming students and engage with the current student body according to Van Der Kley.

WMU's attendance continues to decrease, as theĀ 22,562 students enrolled at WMU in 2018 totaled 332 less students than the year prior. The university expects that number to nearly triple, as 900 less students are projected to enroll in 2019.

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