Dear Editor,

When I declared my major to the field of business I was rather excited. I could finally get away from the high school classes that I felt were pointless to me and my future. I arrived and realized that getting away from those classes was not possible. The University decided that it was more important to make money than to get me ready for what is to come. Some of the required general education courses here are completely useless. Two days a week I sit in an art class for two hours. I think to myself that I am wasting every second spent in this class, and I am sure that art majors feel the same way when they sit in a math class. It’s not just four hours each week spent on these classes though, I spend time doing homework and getting to and from class. All this time is being spent while I could be doing something productive. The University claims that these are required so that we broaden our horizons which is understandable, but they take it much too far for cash purposes. We have to spend a similar amount of time to complete general education requirements as we do with our major. I understand that some of these classes can be helpful, but it is time to step up and reduce the number of required general education courses.


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