Dear Editor,


Air conditioning is considered a luxury in dorm rooms, but it’s one we all could benefit from. The school provides us with a bed to sleep, a desk to study, but not an environment to do either. When it’s hot outside there’s only so many things you can do, lose layers, open windows, which may or may not help, or use fans. But, these only work to a certain extent. How are we supposed to rest or study, if we can’t focus on the task at hand because our bodies are overheating, and we've done all we can do?


I know this isn’t as simple as just putting air-conditioning units in. There are things that have to take place and to consider, like funding. There are many students living in dorms. Each student has to pay to stay there. If you take a little from each person’s payment, and maybe charging just a little extra, the school can pool together enough money to fund such a luxury.


When you are sweltering in a confined area, it gets hard to sleep. I’m sure many people can attest to that. As our sleeping quality and the amount of sleep we get goes down, so does our body function. This can directly, or indirectly, lead to a decline in school performance and may lead to drowsiness and loss of cognitive function. Sounds like medication side effects, right? Let band together and get the school a prescription for some A.C. in our dorms.


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