Western Michigan University is currently on the rise in the party scene. This has some people worried that WMU is beginning to turn into something bad. I don’t think that. All colleges have parties, it’s nothing new. I don’t think that it’ll affect the school academically. There might even be some positives. I believe that just because a school has a big “party scene” doesn’t mean it’s less of a school.

WMU is ranked 4th in top party schools in Michigan, according to an article published by the Western Herald and Niche. Also on the list is University of Michigan. I know that when I think of U of M, I associate them with high prestige and honors. They are ranked 2nd on the list of top party schools in Michigan. Of the 55,500 students who submitted applications to U of M for the fall of 2016, 10,959 were submitted by in-state students and 4,511 of those were offered acceptance, according to Mlive. This demonstrates that there is no correlation between if a school parties a lot, and their academic worth.

On one hand, students partying more means crazy, loud and dangerous situations. Potentially causing a bad reputation for the college and more work for police officers. On the other hand, you’ve got places like The Den Party Store, who are getting good business from all the students buying party supplies. Other businesses are, most likely, also feeling the same effect that The Den is.

There doesn’t have to be a whole stigma around “party” schools. They are no different than other colleges. Nothing at WMU has to change. It affects the colleges image very little. If anything, it helps the local economy around WMU grow.


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