Get out and vote 2018

Happy Election Night, Broncos! Here are the results for several statewide and local elections. The results of these races will effect voters in Kalamazoo County and in the state of Michigan. Once polls close at 8 p.m., this post will be updated throughout the evening. 

Results as of: 11:00 a.m. 

Proposal 1

Michigan voted to pass legal recreational marijuana. 

Proposal 2

Michigan voted to pass the anti-gerrymandering proposal.

Proposal 3

Michigan voted to pass voting reforms.

Gubernatorial Election

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer was elected Michigan's next governor. 

Secretary of State

Democrat Jocelyn Benson was elected as Michigan's next secretary of state.

Attorney General

Democrat Dana Nessel was elected Michigan's next attorney general. 

United States Senator

Democrat Debbie Stabenow was re-elected as United States senator. 

Representatives in Congress: 6th District

Fred Upton was re-elected to represent Michigan's 6th district. 

State Senator: 20th District

Sean McCann was elected as State Senator of Michigan's 20th district.

Representatives in State Legislative: 60th District

Jon Hoadley was re-elected to represent Michigan 60th district. 

County Commissioner 

10 of 10 precincts reporting

Michael A. Seals, Democratic: 7,361

Justice of Supreme Court

12 of 107 precincts reporting

Samuel Bagenstos: 14,388

Megan Kathleen Cavanagh: 27,396

Elizabeth T. Clement, Justice of Supreme Court: 35,089

Doug Dern: 3,652

Kerry Lee Morgan: 6,554

Kurtis T. Wilder, Justice of Supreme Court: 26,014

Community College Board of Trustees Member - Kalamazoo Valley Community College

12 of 104 precincts reporting

Julia C. Buck: 21,650

Dawn DeLuca: 25,418

Paul Foust: 10,982

Susan Miller: 24,936

Derl Oberlin: 12,321

Greg Villetsra: 16,761

Scott A. Zondervan: 13,287

For additional races in the Kalamazoo area, visit the Kalamazoo County Government page on Elections. 

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