The Flip Side Weekly Music Review: Echosmith’s “Inside a Dream EP”

Echosmith is an Indie pop band formed in 2009 and based out of Chino, California. The band is built from the Sierota siblings, Sydney, Noah and Graham. Their first album, “Talking Dreams,” was released in 2013 and featured their hit single, “Cool Kids.” Their second album, “Inside a Dream,” while meant to be released on Sept. 29, was delayed until March 30 of 2018. Due to this, the band released “Inside a Dream” EP.

With the disappointing news of a delayed album, listeners were delighted to see that the band still released some of their singles for their upcoming album onto a concise EP. Personally, I respect bands taking the time to hone their craft into the vision that they are aiming for rather than meeting deadlines to satisfy their fans and label. While only seven songs long, Echosmith is able to delight with many catchy tunes that will keep you humming for hours. Their sound on this album is much “pop-ier” than on their debut, and reminds me of Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighborhood” album. The band seems to have betrayed their 80’s style for a more polished electro-pop that is incredibly popular today.

The EP gives one high moment after another from beginning to end. Strangely, the slower and softer songs, were placed at the end of the album, which is quite uncommon for today’s standards, but is quickly becoming more standard as album popularity is phased out and is replaced by three or four hit singles. The opener is an extremely catchy mid-tempo, spatial song about learning the lessons from love songs. The remaining songs all follow this formula until the last song: a stripped down acoustic track that features a string arrangement and showcases the songwriter’s ability to play and sing interesting music in addition to their electro-pop hits.  

Lyrically, this EP is far from interesting, but it makes up for the cliché and sometimes forced rhyming lyrics for great instrumentation and production. This is not an album for introspective listening, but it is an album that knows what it is, which is an easy listen that plays great at a party, in the car, or anywhere else, really.

While we are not able to hear the full story on the entire album yet, the EP is able to convey the feeling of what we can expect in March. Fans of Echosmith should look forward to the full release date and new listeners will surely be in anxious wait once this hear this EP also.

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