Comic pick of the week: Arach-Knight #1 offers more fun from Marvel’s Infinity Warps

Photo by Lena Rose on Unsplash

Arach-Knight, the latest in the “Infinity Warp” series from Marvel that combines classic characters together, brings forth a fusion of Spiderman and Moon Knight. Writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Ale Garza take this concept and turn it into a fun and familiar romp.

Hopeless’ writing is kind of goofy and that’s okay. Like the protagonist, the villain of this comic is also a combination, albeit that of a werewolf and the Green Goblin, known as The Goblin. It’s a really strange concept, especially when illustrated. The character lacks the cunning of the Green Goblin and ferocity of the werewolf, but the skill of Hopeless and Garza makes him feel just as compelling as his spider-knight foe.

However, the Goblin is only one facet of what makes this story so goofy and fun. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in this comic book has Multiple Personality Disorder as Marc Spector (Moon Knight) does, but instead of fluctuating between distinct possibilities, Peter just shifts personalities to different eras of his own character. At one moment, he’s a science kid doing lab experiments, the next he’s the CEO of a mega-corporation a plotline — that was only just wrapped up recently.

Garza gets the job done. Peter looks like Peter, which sounds like it shouldn’t be much of an accomplishment, but some artists struggle getting him down correctly. Garza also does something that can only be compared to Frank Quietly’s work on “All-Star Superman” where Peter also changes personalities. When changing personalities, Garza gives the character different features to accommodate the personality. For example, “Science Peter” wears glasses and “Business Peter” has striking cheekbones and slicked back hair.

This comic is fun and in all honesty the best of what I read this week, but it has to be said that you won’t find a work of art here. Hopeless isn’t the next Alan Moore — writer of Watchmen and other comics — but that’s okay. Sometimes, a little dumb fun can go a long way. Arach-Knight is entertaining, and that's all that can really be asked of it.

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