Monty Python’s Spamalot is coming to Western Michigan University’s campus in the coming days, with expectations being at an all-time high. The Broadway production is very popular, mainly due to its relationship with the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” as the musical is an adaptation of the film. Eric Idle, a member of the Monty Python comedy group and writer of the musical, collaborated with the producers and created the iconic musical as it is seen today.

Troy Bruchwalski, the actor portraying the brave Sir Dennis Galahad, gave the Western Herald a larger insight on the overall production, and what the cast and crew hope to bring to Westerns campus.

“We really want to put on a production that brings joy and fun to the community,” Bruchwalski said. “We want our audience to just relax and enjoy a fun, hilarious production for two and a half hours. We want them to see the bright side of life.”

Bruchwalski also expressed his excitement on the subject of the community and their willingness to help and contribute.

“A lot of the crew members are local crew members, and are always wanting to help out,” Bruchwalski said. “The community will hopefully enjoy the production as a whole, as we know that the community is very committed and has a passion for the arts.”

The director of the production, Sam Vivinetie, has also brought a lot to the production.

“He brings truth and comedy to the material, and finds heart and passion with every scene,” Bruchwalski said. “He brings no slow moments to the show.”

Because the production is mainly based off of the film, Bruchwalski believes that fans of the film will enjoy the production the most, while also seeing new scenes and moments that will be equally memorable.

“While the production appeals to everyone, fans of the film will enjoy the film the most, but there are new sketches and new musical numbers involved in the production that both fans of the film and newcomers to the story will find fun and entertaining,” said Bruchwalski.

Fans and newcomers will find scenes such as the large musical number “Camelot” — a musical number featuring the majority of the cast, the iconic musical number “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and especially the scene featuring the Black Knight the most enjoyable.

“The scene involving the Black Knight is a scene everyone will love, the flesh-wound banter and comedic nature is especially entertaining,” Bruchwalski said. “The scene is the most well-known scene and everyone knows it’s coming. Viewers will especially find that scene entertaining.”

Spamalot will bring both fans and newcomers to the story of Monty Python, and the community of Kalamazoo and Western Michigan can’t miss out on the production that will truly bring them a perspective to look on the bright side of life. Monty Python's Spamalot is performing at Miller Auditorium from Nov. 9 to 11.

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