Preview: ‘The Choir of Man’ featuring John Sheehy heads to Miller Oct. 17

Choir of Man performing on their US tour

Performed by nine men who sing, dance and interact with the audience all to popular songs that span a variety of genres, eras and styles, ‘The Choir of Man’ hits the stage on Oct. 17 at Miller Auditorium. The show set, featuring a functioning onstage pub, creates a fun and unique atmosphere. John Sheehy, one of the performers, talked about how he got involved with the show in an interview.

“It was my first job and I had no background in the industry because I used to be a structural engineer and yoga teacher as well,” said Sheehy. “So my background wasn’t in singing at all and I wasn’t professionally trained.”

However, the night of the audition, Sheehy came down with an infection and almost didn’t audition.

“I was very close to not doing it,” Sheehy said. “But I went there and did the audition and the producer said that (I) was amazing. I think the fact that I had a chest infection and I was almost certain I wasn’t getting the job because my voice was really poor that morning probably relaxed me and it’s probably a big reason as to why I ended up getting the job.”

Sheehy also touched on the origins of the show, the work of producers Nic Doodson and Andrew Kay.

“Our producer, Nic Doodson, he’s the brain of the show along with Andrew Kay who is our Australian producer,” said Sheehy. “Nic was a part of an acapella group called The Magnets and while he was touring with them he always wanted to write a show that was set in a pub. He always had that as sort of a background goal for himself. So when he finished touring with The Magnets he decided that he was going to actually come through and write this show.”

Along with being a part of The Choir of Man, Sheehy also has had a #1 single in Ireland and has traveled to India to study yoga.

“Once I finished my master’s I decided to take a year off and just go travelling around the world,” said Sheehy. “So I did 6 months in South America, I spent some time in Florida, did Thailand, Laos and then I finished up in India and did a yoga teacher training course.”

Sheehy and the rest of the cast for ‘The Choir of Man’ perform at Miller Auditorium on Oct. 17. Tickets can be purchased on Miller’s website.


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